If you are looking for a keynote speaker with a musical flair, please contact me. If you are seeking a light-hearted approach to speaking that also brings substance, read on. I am passionate about music and have had music as my avocation since childhood. Although I did not choose a career as a professional musician, my life journey has always included music. The musical references and graphics you see are reminders to us that music is truly the universal language! If you have not been in tune lately with yourself or with others around you, perhaps you would allow the “universal language” to speak to you.

Think about the impact that music has on our lives – commercials, movie scores, concerts, CDs as you travel, live broadcasts, music boxes, MP3 players….and so much more. When you hear the names Cliburn, Pavarotti, Sinatra, Beethoven and Bach, the Beatles, or one of your favorites, do you think about the many lives that have been touched? Have you ever thought about what we would do if we had no music?

Music so permeates our lives that we can see musical analogies in most of our activities, i.e. harmony in teams, staying in tune with one another, being on the same key, or making great music in our lives. My speaking often includes framing thoughts in musical terms related to daily activities or in our careers and corporate settings. I encourage listeners to approach the world with a song.

Music, whether from a listener’s or a performer’s perspective, can be our regular companion:

 Speaking with a Musical Flair

  • for settling our hearts and minds when stress takes over,
  • for building better relationships with those in our workplace and community life,
  • and for overcoming barriers to contentment and satisfaction with our daily living.

My mission in “speaking with a musical flair” is to encourage you and others to let it be your language and allow it to speak to you in situations of joy, sorrow, stress, creativity, and excitement. Let it be a delightful resource for your life. Share it with others, and keep singing in the shower! I would be pleased to share with you the joy I’ve experienced on my musical journey. Contact me when you are searching for a speaker with a unique approach and a heart-warming style.

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“More music, more life!”